It’s muddy March and weekends are still mostly stuck indoors here in New England.   I decided to make a purchase that I did probably too much Amazon review reading over, and splurged on two adjustable height micro-mini scooters for the boys.  We did the big reveal on Sunday, and I knew it would be fun to document (our unfinished basement gets really cool light – reminds me of some favorite spooky places I hunted for as a photographer when I was starting out.. Castle much?).   It also reminds me of the basement I learned to ride my bike in over the winter of some 80-something…  I digress.

Anyway, both Calvin and George (only 18 months!) took to these scooters super quickly!  I mean, they aren’t whizzing around yet, but they both can do the basics, Calvin a bit faster than George.  Dan took a test drive too (before realizing there is a 70 lb limit, oops).  There are actually a couple more of George at the end, hair all sweaty from his helmet, who is truly turning out to be my wild boy – “Hurricane George” we now call him.

Oh, and I am not an affiliate for Micro Kickboard… but thinking maybe I should be…!!


BEYOND excited to share these photos with you today, dear friends.  Introducing the adorable 2-month old twin baby girl and boy of Laur and Pat:  Emma and Parker.  Besides being photogenic (not surprising with their genes), Emma and Parker are also very chill.  I have met them a few times – and they rarely cry!  I know Laur and Pat are not exactly well-rested, but they are doing a great job so far of adjusting from a life with no children to two (Andy and Jessica – you’re next!).

Anyway, this session was also a first in that it was held at our new home in Cambridge.  So kind of my tired friends to make the trek (albiet now a short one) from the South End to visit us.  We did the photo shoot and then hosted a dinner for them.  Fun times.

I look forward to witnessing this blue-eyed duo grow up and become friends with my guys.  I know they’ve got some caring, charming, and playful parents and envision some fun afternoon BBQs with children laughing and shrieking in the years ahead.   Love you guys!!

ps.  Cute wardrobe too – right?  Love the stripes with rolled up jeans and bare feet!  And Laur’s laced up flats. Never doubted mom’s styling talent…


I have a real gem from the Fall that is now a much belated blog feature, but here it is.  Witness adorable 6 month old Kemp, hanging out with gorgeous mom and dad at home and around the neighborhood in Boston’s charming South End.  Mom was a little worried that we didn’t capture enough smiles from her darling girl, but I think those fears were negated ; )  Amazing smiles, cuddles, laughs, exploration, and cozy textures and outfits.  Love that we got to take advantage of the library wall… something tells me based of these Yale-graduates parents, little Kemp won’t be lacking in academic pursuits.  So – quizzical expression over Freakonomics – definitely my fave image.

ps.  Session was post-Thanksgiving.  Leaves turn LATE downtown… most families book early October hoping for great foliage, but really, keep in mind it’s generally mid-November that’s best in and near the city.  Just an FYI… : )


This location never fails me.  Belmont Habitat is a gorgeous place for scenic photos set against woods and meadow.  This mom and I lucked out on a frosty, foggy morning in early December for me to photograph her beautiful daughter and son, Layla and Jack (and dog Ellie too!).  It was a secret Christmas present for dad, who I know for a fact really liked what he received!


It’s been way too long since I have done a blog post, dear friends, but I have a few winter specials to share over the next week or so.  Starting today with a special Valentine’s Day engagement photo session (yes, it was held on the actual holiday!).

Meet Brianna and Will.  They appear oh-so-Bostonian (nailing the whole preppy, Ivy-league – one with the appropriate degree – look , and I was v impressed with the incorporation of crimson even into their wardrobe!).  But this couple hails from Fargo, North Dakota!  The two met while on college spring break back in their home city, and spent most of their relationship long distance until the past few years, spent here in Boston/Cambridge.  Self-proclaimed nerds, these two decided they wanted some of their photos to reflect their time spent pouring over books.  So we came up with a plan that incorporated Beacon Hill for a backdrop of quintessential Boston, a warm-up/outfit change at Peet’s Coffee, and then a trip across the Commons to Brattle Book Shop where we may have gotten into a little trouble.  Totally all worth it… ; )

Brianna and Will were very easy-going, engaged in their photo session and one-another and me.  It was too easy of a shoot, felt more like hanging out and getting to know a cool and interesting couple than work!  They marry in late summer back home at an aviation museum (cool, right?) and then are moving to DC.  Boston will miss you, B and W, but hopefully these photos will bring back fond memories of our cold but lovely city : )PINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPIN