This lucky little guy had his introduction portraits taken at his grandparent’s house in a beautiful historic home in Newton, MA.  This couple is currently living with the grandparents as their own home gets some renovations in the South End. so we just decided to capture life as it is for all of them these days.  Not a bad option as this home has so much character and charm, just like this family!  Lots of laughter, eye-rolls, and a total go-with-the-flow attitude that I adore (and appreciate!).  Enjoy!


I can’t believe it, but yes, it’s been a year since I was at Mt. Auburn hospital delivering this (not so little) guy.

I was anticipating another Calvin.  He was what I knew and loved so dearly.  But I received someone so very different, and so very more wondrous because of it.

George is loud.  He is huge (tall and strong).  He is super messy.  He is sweet, but mischievous.  He is not cautious, but he is clever.  He is standing and taking several steps.  He is dramatic.  He is fun-loving.  He hates spicy food.  He is loving – very attached to all his family members and caregivers and teddy bears.

Posting a few photos from his birthday party a week ago (thanks to awesome photographer, Alex Paul!), and then some from this afternoon on his actual birthday, and then of course, one from a year ago.

I love you so very much, George.  Happy birthday – to you and to me : )PINPINPINPINPINPINPINPIN

Baby Gus and family is back!  What a cutie with the biggest cheeks ever!! He was all smile (and a little drool..) – very chill and easy going baby!  I loved holding and snuggling this guy : )  This fam’s Baby’s 1st Year Collection continues, with a glorious October morning session held at Middlesex Fells.  I know I just posted an other family session taken a month ago, but I had given mom, Tabitha, a sneak of it.  It was a perfect fit for her plaid/fall inspired vision (plus, very dog friendly which was a must in order to get first baby, Cash, involved – I actually think he had the best time of everyone!).  Hoping and anticipating this will become a new go-to…

As I have mentioned, Tab and her husband Andy are both creatives (designer and architect), so they always plan out their styling to perfection.  One of the items they brought along that I think I need to encourage other clients to consider (and buy myself) is a Pendleton plaid blanket – just perfect for sitting on and wrapping up in on dewy mornings and afternoons crisp with chill.

Anyway, get a mug of cider and savor these delicious family photos – Fall has pretty much arrived!  And back to work for me, as Fall = by far the busiest time for me!! Is it January yet?? Jk.. 😉PIN


For those of you who are looking for a rustic, outdoorsy, city-nomad photo session location (that’s great for dogs), look no further.  Middlesex Fells is a HUGE reservation a quick 15 minute drive up 95 from Boston (it makes up part of Medford, Stoneham, and Winchester), and it’s gorgeous!  From parts of it you can see the city, but for the most part you feel like you have been transported to New Hampshire.

This family wanted a location that showed how beautiful the natural scenery is here in New England and their hometown of Medford.  They moved up here a few years ago from Florida, so figured this session would showcase their admiration for the landscape to their friends and family back home.

We started at Sheepfold and then walked to one of the reservoirs, and then back up to the meadow.  Not always easy to photograph adults with a teenager son (sophomore in college), since by this point everyone is quite self-aware.  Different challenges with different age groups!  But Caleb, their adorable dog, kept the family connected, and we had fun exploring the reservation together.

Looking forward to another upcoming photo session at this new favorite location!