Calvin + George Get Micro-Mini Scooters

It’s muddy March and weekends are still mostly stuck indoors here in New England.   I decided to make a purchase that I did probably too much Amazon review reading over, and splurged on two adjustable height micro-mini scooters for the boys.  We did the big reveal on Sunday, and I knew it would be fun to document (our unfinished basement gets really cool light – reminds me of some favorite spooky places I hunted for as a photographer when I was starting out.. Castle much?).   It also reminds me of the basement I learned to ride my bike in over the winter of some 80-something…  I digress.

Anyway, both Calvin and George (only 18 months!) took to these scooters super quickly!  I mean, they aren’t whizzing around yet, but they both can do the basics, Calvin a bit faster than George.  Dan took a test drive too (before realizing there is a 70 lb limit, oops).  There are actually a couple more of George at the end, hair all sweaty from his helmet, who is truly turning out to be my wild boy – “Hurricane George” we now call him.

Oh, and I am not an affiliate for Micro Kickboard… but thinking maybe I should be…!!