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Calvin Goes to Work with Daddy! 11 Month Photos

1 month to go until the big year marker!  Yesterday I had an early morning shoot in Wellelsey (which I am super excited about), but that meant Calvin got to go work with Daddy for a bit.  I decided

A Day at Good Harbor Beach | Calvin’s 10 Month Photos

Calvin is 10 months today!  Yesterday we went to Good Harbor Beach, which I definitely think is one of the prettiest beaches in Massachusetts.  We got lucky with the weather too yesterday –

Rocky Neck Gloucester | Little Photo Essay

On vacation up in Rockport, and wanted to post a little quick snapshot of a lovely evening spent in Rocky Neck.  Rocky Neck is a quaint and colorful artist colony that looks over Gloucester Harbor

Calvin and a Mess of Strawberries (9 Month Shoot)

Calvin is 9 months today!  Today I captured some action shots of him eating berries at the kitchen table.  Perhaps playing with them is the better way to describe it.  C loves making music by banging

Calvin is 8 Months Old | Rockport Lifestyle Family Portraits

Today Calvin is 8 months – time really flies.  He is almost crawling – but thankfully not quite there (a little scared for him to be scurrying around)! He is still in all his chubby glory

Calvin’s 7 Month Photos | Cambridge Home Garden and Kitchen

Calvin is 7 months old today and growing more beautiful by the day (I don’t care if I am biased).  Yesterday was one of the first summery days, so we played outside in my parent’s garden

Calvin’s 6 month Photos | Arlington Great Meadow, Lexington

These photos were taken this morning (a day late of Calvin’s half year birthday!).  We took a walk at nearby Arlington Great Meadows (which is actually in Lexington).  What a pretty spot!  Even

Calvin is 5 Months (and one day..)

Love these bath tub shots!  (I sadly have to keep the best ones for my eyes only… the artist in me has very mixed feelings about that…). Anyway, Calvin is probably about 18 lbs.  Fair

Baby Calvin at 4 Months Portraits

Yep, Calvin is 4 months old today!  He’s got a little bit more fuzz on the hair and is just growing cuter by the day (or maybe I am just falling more in love by the day).  He now enjoys taking

Portraits of Calvin w/Selfies for Nobles Bulletin

Took these shots in the studio today with a tripod for my Nobles update..  I know it may seem extreme, but hey, it’s basically going to be free advertising to my fellow alumni!  I love all of

Baby Calvin at 3 months Old!

It has been three months to the day that Calvin was born.  Here are some photos of Calvin enjoying some of his favorite things, playing “airplane” in my legs, gazing up at his elephant

Calvin is 2 months old!

And missing out on the huge blizzard up North – enjoying (not-so-sunny, but we won’t complain) Florida!  Back home next week when mommy really starts going back to work : ) At two months

Calvin as a Conductor : )

When Calvin is looking out the window from his swing he often waves his arms and hands in the air, as if he is conducting a symphony 🙂  These photos were taken with my fun Lensbaby. I am glad to note