George is 1 Year Old!!

I can’t believe it, but yes, it’s been a year since I was at Mt. Auburn hospital delivering this (not so little) guy.

I was anticipating another Calvin.  He was what I knew and loved so dearly.  But I received someone so very different, and so very more wondrous because of it.

George is loud.  He is huge (tall and strong).  He is super messy.  He is sweet, but mischievous.  He is not cautious, but he is clever.  He is standing and taking several steps.  He is dramatic.  He is fun-loving.  He hates spicy food.  He is loving – very attached to all his family members and caregivers and teddy bears.

Posting a few photos from his birthday party a week ago (thanks to awesome photographer, Alex Paul!), and then some from this afternoon on his actual birthday, and then of course, one from a year ago.

I love you so very much, George.  Happy birthday – to you and to me : )PINPINPINPINPINPINPINPIN