Introducing Emma + Parker | Bestie Laur + Pat’s Adorable Twins!

BEYOND excited to share these photos with you today, dear friends.  Introducing the adorable 2-month old twin baby girl and boy of Laur and Pat:  Emma and Parker.  Besides being photogenic (not surprising with their genes), Emma and Parker are also very chill.  I have met them a few times – and they rarely cry!  I know Laur and Pat are not exactly well-rested, but they are doing a great job so far of adjusting from a life with no children to two (Andy and Jessica – you’re next!).

Anyway, this session was also a first in that it was held at our new home in Cambridge.  So kind of my tired friends to make the trek (albiet now a short one) from the South End to visit us.  We did the photo shoot and then hosted a dinner for them.  Fun times.

I look forward to witnessing this blue-eyed duo grow up and become friends with my guys.  I know they’ve got some caring, charming, and playful parents and envision some fun afternoon BBQs with children laughing and shrieking in the years ahead.   Love you guys!!

ps.  Cute wardrobe too – right?  Love the stripes with rolled up jeans and bare feet!  And Laur’s laced up flats. Never doubted mom’s styling talent…