2 Shoots in Brooklyn · Portraits of Yogi Kate and Some Good Friends

This weekend I was down in Brooklyn, visiting my brother, Anderson, and some close friends that I have missed a lot since moving back to Cambridge.  I think it is fair to say that Brooklyn is filled with kids too cool for school.  My friends are no exception!

Kate needed some photos for her developing yoga career.  We met up in to DUMBO to get some shots of her honing in on meditative poses along the shore of the East River and under the (very loud) bridge.  I tried to capture her strength, gracefulness, focus, and beauty.  Not so easy when there are curious people surrounding you.. but Kate was able to tune it all out and even try some daring poses (ie. balancing on one foot on jagged rocks).

The next evening I decided to break out my camera with my friends as we enjoyed the sun setting over the private garden deck on Anderson’s building in Williamsburg.  I loved these portraits so much I figured I could add them to the same post to give you all a broader sense my Brooklyn weekend.  These photos feature Jessica, who works for a prestigious art auction house, Maia, an influential member of the fashion scene, and Anderson, whose facial hair continues to grow and grow and grow.

The last photograph is of the spectacular skyline of Manhattan.  I may be exhausted from the weekend, but I am ready to return.  Sigh.