Winter in Ocean Reef | A Collection of Portraits of My Family

This post includes a collection of images that I photographed during our time in Ocean Reef.  It starts with some of Calvin in the sink bath and then out and about in the Fishing Village where all the stores are painted in bold blues, yellows, greens etc.

All the rest of the images are taken with my new Pentax 450D.  As part of my New Year’s plan for my business, I decided to invest in a used one with a 55mm lens to replace my old film Mamiya 7 – and am already in love!  With the Pentax, I plan to photograph mostly older kids and teens, headshots and engagement photos – anything where I don’t have to move too quickly.  The camera is a bit weighty and slower than my 5D, but the quality is spectacular.  I barely did any editing – the contrast and richness of the images are delicious as is.

These images include Dan and Calvin in their pink bathing suits at the lagoon (a few of me added in – they didn’t work out as well ha), Calvin hanging out naked out in the rain, Calvin eating with his sidekick (my favorite),  and the last one is a fashion-y self-portrait.

Due to the blizzard, we are stuck here for an other few days – not such a bad deal (though I really am ready to get home and back into the swing of things…).  Might mean I may be adding some more images to this post… (maybe some landscapes and still lifes..?).