A Post-Marathon Family Session at Boston Public Garden

It has been two weeks since the Boston Marathon, and since what we will now remember to be the tragic Marathon Bombings.  I was thankfully at my studio working during the festivities, but it made the day stop abruptly.  So much fear was sparked and flying wildly – noticeable on the streets, online, on my cell phone – it was just palpable.  But I had a practical matter on my hands:  a photo session schedule for Tuesday of a family who had flown into town from all over the country (and England!) to celebrate and participate in the marathon.  Were they ok?  Would they want to still do the session?  How should I even approach them?

Thankfully they were all safe and sound, save for the one runner who was aching from finishing at a VERY fast time.  Since they had all traveled from afar, they agreed that they didn’t want to lose the opportunity for a family photo session due to the cruel interruption of terrorist activity.  I couldn’t agree with the sentiment more.  Come Tuesday, I experienced some anxiety driving down Storrow approaching my beloved city.  But as I parked and walked down Charles Street to the park, I was comforted and impressed by all the people outdoors enjoying the beautiful, spring day.  I realized that we couldn’t let those that instill fear win, and instead have to appreciate those we love and the beauty of life and culture around us.  At that point I was super pumped to take some family photos!

And this was a fun shoot!  The idea to photograph at the Boston Public Garden was due to an old photograph of the mom and children taken 20ish years ago by the dad.  So we recreated the photo on the bridge, and then added a new spouse (the runner) and dad.  This family was eager to get some natural shots along with more posed ones, so I made an effort to capture them just “chilling”, enjoying the park and each others company.  We also broke up for some smaller group and couples shots.  The family was outgoing, talking about some time they spent living in Boston a long while back, and how excited they were to get the chance to return to city all together.  I’m really happy with the way the photos turned out – capturing this fun family, beautiful day in the park, beloved city, and this super cool family breathing it all in.