a #tbt Thanksgiving

we were kinda bummed this past summer vacation that there weren’t many brilliant beach days.  instead, it was often gray and cool.  i knew then, at the very least, it was good weather for interesting photos.

the business of life got in the way of me editing these images at the time.  instead, i decided to revisit these files today.  one thing i notice is that, perhaps the weather wasn’t so dismal.  these images showcase that children seem to find the intrigue and beauty that life holds on a day-to-day, moment-to-moment basis.  we adults just get jaded over time.

i often worry that i spend too much time behind my lens and editing – and that i am not being “present” enough.  but i find that taking photos helps me see like a child, and editing helps me reflect and build understanding of this world and life. i am thankful for the opportunity i have been given to pursue this passion for so many years.