A Winter Newborn and Family Photography Session in Brookline, MA

I think baby Eames’s parents will forever remember that he was born during a very.. let’s say memorable.. winter.  February, 2015.  The worst month of the worst winter of Boston’s history!  I got to head over to this adorable family’s home in Brookline on a snowy (duh) day to capture them engaging in some indoor, and outdoor, play.  I really wanted to capture not only itty-bitty Eames, but the personalities of older siblings Tae and Zinn as they danced on their parents bed.  Also, these kids are avid readers so I wanted to make sure I got some photos of them amongst their books.

I think these images are intimate, cozy, and dynamic.  After the client viewing, Dad gave me the best compliment I have ever received – “I think [the photos] are museum-y].”  Perfection!  I hope these images will not only be cherished, but remain intriguing and really bring back specific memories for years to come.