Adrienne · Maternity Session in the South End

Yay!  I just had my first maternity session yesterday with my former Southfield and Nobles classmate, Adrienne.  I hadn’t seen her in years (I won’t say how many) – and it was amazing to witness how much she has “grown”!  Adrienne has always been effervescent and it was refreshing to see nothing has changed.  She and her husband, Jeff, welcomed me warmly into their South End home.

It was a gorgeous afternoon, so we decided to take a walk around the neighborhood, stopping at picturesque James Hayes Park and Union Park.  My goal was to capture Adrienne glowing.  Jeff was supportive the whole time – he even assisted me with the reflector (you can see him holding it in one of the photos like a “man purse”, as he called it).  I also snapped a few of Jeff putting Adrienne’s sandals on for her, which I found both sweet and a good illustration of just how far along Adrienne is in her pregnancy.  In just a few weeks, they will be welcoming a child into this world (they are keeping the gender as a surprise!) – I am so excited for them, and know they are going to make amazing parents!