An Adorable Twins Baby Shower for Elisha! Hosted by Anna in Wellesley

How beautiful is this glowing mama-to-be?  I met Elisha back when we were teenagers and she and her dad would play the annual Father-Daughter tennis tournament at Longwood and would stay with us (she hails from Eden, North Carolina,).  Now she is pregnant with twins!  I attended her adorable shower, hosted by her close friend Anna at her lovely home in Wellesley.  I wanted to capture a few photos of Elisha, as well as some of the cute purple details.  Gabe showed up towards the end to do the “cake gender reveal” – something I had never seen before and was fun to witness!  Two boys!!

Elisha and Gabe just moved down to North Carolina where they will get help from various family members who live there.  I am sad to see them go, though I know they are going to make amazing parents to the little guys once they arrive.  I can’t wait to meet them when the do : )  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these photos guys!  xxoo