Angela | A Stylish Summer Harvard Student Portrait Session

Angela is a college student from Vancouver who spends part of her summer studying Astronomy at Harvard’s summer program. She really enjoys Cambridge and Boston, and wanted to get some portraits of herself out and about on campus to celebrate her time here.  We started at Quincy Hall where she lived in a dorm, then head across Harvard Square into the quad and then over to the Law School.  After that we went to the Fogg/Harvard Art Museum where she spends a lot of time (all the docents knew her!).  I obviously enjoyed that part – I hadn’t been since it was renovated!  What a gorgeous museum, with some pretty significant art.  Definitely heading back there soon…

Anyway, gotta love this pretty girl’s sense of style, rocking the heels, over-sized shades, and dainty dresses.  Proves once again you can flaunt both brains and beauty.