At-Home Editorial of Wellness Guide Mona Kelly | Brookline, MA

Introducing Mona – an intelligent, creative, calm, and beautiful owner of her own self-wellness brand – Mona Kelly Studio.  Hailing from France and Morocco, Mona moved to the Boston area with her husband and son five years ago.


From her bio,

I started my career in the market research industry and have 12 years of experience as an HR & Marketing executive in the United States, France and The Netherlands. Moving with my family to Boston in 2010 and the decision to shift my career and dive deep into the mind-body connection industry opened up a new world and led me here.

Now a certified Yoga & Pilates Instructor and a jewelry line designer, I am able to understand and relate to the challenges that come with shifting course, reinventing oneself and moving forward from a place of being stuck and often frustrated. “

Mona also states that she has multiple passions which has led to her “umbrella” business design which incorporates these different interests under one roof.  This is an idea I find really cool and unique!


Mona is currently in the process of re-designing her website and wanted some new portraits that featured her in her natural state at her home and in her home office. So she booked my Editorial Head Shot Package – one that includes an outfit change and a more magazine story approach to a shoot. In addition to head shots and decided to include images of her meditating as well as details shots of aspects of her home and office that I find descriptive of Mona and her business.

MonaEditorialPilatesLifeCoachBrooklineMA_ElizabethClarkPhoto__39PINLooking forward to seeing these images incorporated on the new site once it is up!  And if you are looking for some wellness guidance… well, check Mona out : )