Avon Hill Cambridge Family Photography Session

Here is an awesome portrait for so many reasons.  Adorable subjects, check.  Stylish wardrobe, check.  Location, check plus.

When these two moms told me they’d like their shoot with daughter Jane to be held at their home in Avon Hill, Cambridge, I was pumped.  Not only is this one of my favorite neighborhoods in Cambridge, but I find that photography sessions at the comfort of one’s home allow for the most meaningful images to be captured.  In this case, it doesn’t hurt that their home is gorgeous, with historic charm and a lovely garden.

Another cool aspect about these clients is that both are english professors and have a love for culture, including fine art photography.  They even have a collection started, including Sally Mann and Julie Blackmon (I will have to feature her in a Fine Art Friday in the near future!).  They also kindly expressed interest in my fine art projects, and reminded me that I really have to talk about Tina Barney’s influence on me at some point.

I think it is fair to say that I made it a goal to give them not only beautiful portraits, but ones that I believe could stand as pieces of art.  I am a little more than excited to have some of these images join their collection!