Baby Calvin at 3 months Old!

It has been three months to the day that Calvin was born.  Here are some photos of Calvin enjoying some of his favorite things, playing “airplane” in my legs, gazing up at his elephant mobile, and getting changed (he loves it!).

Calvin slept 6 nights in a row before waking up once last night at 2 am (meh!).  He is “talking” – trying out lots of sounds.  He smiles all the time and fusses pretty much only when hungry or pining for some attention (he is quite social).  Today mommy dropped him off at the gym’s daycare for an hour while she tried to work off some oz’s… and he loved it!  Staring at lights is still another thing he seems to do a lot of.  Right now he is memorized by  computer screen while I write this  (he is facing frontwards in his Moby and A Tribe Called Quest is on the speakers and mommy is dancing a bit in her seat to get it all done…).

Oh and he is “off the charts weight wise” at 16 lbs and not quite sure about height (70th percentile) but he is almost too tall for his Moses basket!! His hair dark blonde hair is starting to grow in… slowly haha.  Eyes are still a beautiful blue. Still, resembles Uncle Fester just a bit…

But I do adore.