Baby Calvin at 4 Months Portraits

Yep, Calvin is 4 months old today!  He’s got a little bit more fuzz on the hair and is just growing cuter by the day (or maybe I am just falling more in love by the day).  He now enjoys taking toys and blankets and putting them in his mouth, especially the Winkle.  Calvin also laughs occasionally when tickled or when mommy or daddy make funny noises.  He enjoys his bedtime routine of being read to (Brown Bear, Brown Bear being his favorite), and has been sleeping the night for several weeks (and I mean full night, 10+ hours a night).  Must take after his dad.  We keep our fingers crossed this will continue!  His day time fussiness is generally due to hunger or want of constant attention – taking after both parents!  Sigh..

He is also chubby monster – consistently 95%+  for his age.

These photos follow him right after a bath, playing with his Winkle in his crib and then all dressed up in a crowd favorite (with shoes on for his grandpa).