Baby Sebastian and Family at Fresh Pond, Cambridge

Time for another adorable munchkin!  For some reason all my Cambridge baby boys have been super SUPER smiley of late (and I know I have another coming up next week!).  Maybe it’s the amazing sunny weather we’ve had lately.  Or something in the water.  Or perhaps it’s that babies just love the attention of their parents AND the camera.

Regardless, Sebastian is one happy baby.  I met up with the family at their home.  We started off with some shots in the nursery and back patio, before heading for a stroll down to Fresh Pond.  Fresh Pond is a place near and dear to me – I often take my dogs there for walks off-leash and enjoy jogging around the 2+ mile loop.  It is an amazing escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, and has many pretty vistas and woodsy areas.  It’s also a popular spot for families, and Sebastian is no stranger to it. We set up a little area in the Kingsley Park area to let him enjoy the fresh air and soft grass and play with his parents.

Enjoy this fresh dose of cute baby and Spring 🙂