Baby William – 3 Month Old Winter Session at Home and Nurumbega Park, Newton

This is a way belated post – back from last winter!  I’ve been meaning to get it up forever, and figured that now, with all the snow dumped from the blizzard of 2015 dumped in the Boston area, this post-snow session would be a good fit.

It features adorable baby William (LOVED his Janie and Jack outfit!) and his first-time parents at home.  Well actually, at mom’s parent’s home in Waltham, where they were staying as they were waiting for their new home in Wellesley to close.  Making due!  I thought it was really sweet actually, photographing this little guy on his mama’s childhood bed – with her old Catholic school portraits lining the walls (I also took a few of him in his heirloom baptism gown).

As I mentioned, this shoot took place after a bunch of snow fell last year, but it was sunny out so we figured why not head outdoors just for a few wintery portraits!  My favorites are of William all bundled up in his car-seat, eyes peering up at his mom saying “what on earth are we getting ourselves into??”.