BU Graduate and Family Session in Boston

This session was long in the making.  Early last winter, a former BU student was in touch to purchase a gift certificate for her family in honor of younger sister’s upcoming graduation from the same school (what a great gift idea! : ) ) This family was a ton of fun right from the start.  They had a lot to be happy about now that both daughters had graduated from a prestigious university, and were in the mood to celebrate.  It was quite a day – 70, dry and breezy, and Boston was looking glorious.  We met by the BU “Castle” and then trekked over to the Esplanade to take some photos with the Charles, BU Boathouse, and Boston skyline as a backdrop.

I’m glad this group enjoyed themselves, and am happy these two sisters have come to think of Boston as their home.PINPINPINPINPINPINPINPIN