Burlington Family Portrait Session

Olga contacted me in December, hoping for Christmas family photos but settling to wait until after the New Years and recreating the magic of the day.  She mentioned that her family had been going to the MFA in Boston and were inspired by the contemporary photography.   She certainly came to the right photographer,  asking for artistic and creative images of her family.  She also said she hoped there would be snow on the ground for her daughter, Elise, to play in.  Luckily enough, the snow decided to stick around the Boston area and we were able to take shots outside of playful Elise and Peppy (their very “peppy” puppy).  This little girl is a lucky one, with a whole wall of toys and what I imagine to be a wardrobe of gorgeous dresses as Olga changed her four times, each dress as adorable as the other.   And how cute is her hair cut?  Oh, and did I mention that the dad wore a tux.. and Olga an amazing fur and killer dresses to mirror her daughters?   A dream family.  Enjoy feasting on these fun images!