Calvin Turns 2!

Admission: I cried this morning.  Like weeping, but with lots of tears wetting my whole face, neck and hair.  I just couldn’t believe my little guy was turning two years old.

Everyone says it goes by quickly.  This is true.  Though when I think back to two years ago, it really feels like a lot of time has passed.  What I think is scarier is how quickly babies and children CHANGE.  I explained to my husband, blurry through my tears, that even though he and I are starting to look older (more tears), we haven’t really changed much (even though we certainly try and aim to).  Calvin on the other hand, OMG.  Every day there seems to be something new.

So, as of today, November 3, 2015, some things about Calvin:

27 lbs, 35″

Likes: trucks, berries, dancing like a horse, babies, cookies, babas, owls, blue, friends at Bright Horizons, “wheels on the bus”, Goodnight Construction Site, Super Poopy Man

Dealing with: having a new brother, stool retention (ugh!), sudden pickiness when he used to be a champion eater!

So excited to see where he is at next year!