Calvin’s 1st Halloween, Birthday Party, and Year Old Portraits | Lexington, MA

Here goes a three part blog entry from a long, fun weekend…


Calvin was a gray and white (hipster/LA-ish?) sweater sock monkey for Halloween (by Blamo Toys).  Gramma and Pop Sterner came up Thursday afternoon in time to join us for C’s first Halloween.  Calvin had a lot of fun trick or treating and basking in the attention of our neighbors’ kids.

It was the evening of Halloween last year that my water broke, so this spooky night of the year marks the beginning of Calvin’s birthday memories for me.


ii | PARTY

 Saturday brought cold, dark, dismal weather and Calvin’s 1st birthday party!  I decided to throw a woodland creature themed party with hopes of guests mingling outside our house amidst the orange-glow of fall foliage.  Instead, we all got to stay fuzzy and warm inside with the glow of the fireplace!

Turns out Calvin is a salt-lover instead of sweets (more dad than mom in that regard) – not so into his cake but loving pate!  He had tons of fun playing with kids and grown-ups of all ages.  It got loud and hectic at times, and will be remembered fondly.


A few shout outs to my local vendors:  Calvin’s Outfit| Janie + Jack, Florals | Foret Design Studio, Cake | Cake., Cheese and Charcuterie | Formaggio Kitchen, Paper Garlands | Paper Source, Invitations + Photos | me : ) .  (Note, some photos were taken a day later once the sun came back out!)


So today is Calvin’s actual birthday.  And it was a beautiful fall day.  I decided to put him back into his birthday outfit and take some shots of Calvin enjoying his shiny new red wagon (thanks Gramma and Pop!) out back as originally planned.

This year has flown by.  The last photo shows Calvin next to his elephant stuffed animal when he was one month old, and today at 1 year.   I understand why people always say times speeds up now.  It is a saying for a reason!

Calvin’s existence is the most special, challenging and miraculous part of my life – I have no hesitation saying that.  I love you Calvin, and can’t wait to see where life continues to take you.