Calvin’s 6 month Photos | Arlington Great Meadow, Lexington

These photos were taken this morning (a day late of Calvin’s half year birthday!).  We took a walk at nearby Arlington Great Meadows (which is actually in Lexington).  What a pretty spot!  Even though it is May, it still looks a bit like winter out there, with only a few species of trees and flowers starting to blossom.  Calvin loves being out and about, as you can see from his smile in the stroller!  These days he is able to sit longer on his own (but stills topples over pretty quickly, especially on a slope – I kept the photo of Dan running to his rescue during one of the topples..).  I also included a few photos that I set up for Dan to snap.  Admittedly, I had not prepared myself for this shoot – no makeup or wardrobe prep, very tired eyes, ugh. Still, I love these photos of us, and feel like it is one of those moments I share with other moms who have to often overcome vanity for the sake of their children…

A few other updates on Calvin – he is now easily over 20 lbs (will be weighed this week), and still adorably chubby.  His eyes are lightening to a more aqua-green color, and hair is starting to come in, albeit still pretty fine, and seems to have a dark strawberry blonde hue.  He loves reaching for objects all around (and behind) him, and is starting to bang them.  He likes to hum and coughs for attention.  He loves any and all attention : )