Calvin’s 7 Month Photos | Cambridge Home Garden and Kitchen

Calvin is 7 months old today and growing more beautiful by the day (I don’t care if I am biased).  Yesterday was one of the first summery days, so we played outside in my parent’s garden at their home in Cambridge.  Calvin must take after his dad in that he is fascinated by plants.  Trying out dirt.  It looks like Calvin doesn’t like the taste of it. Spitting it out – yuck!. Onto flowers next.  Back inside, finding grown up food, like bread, is much better.

In the afternoon he laughed hysterically when I lay on the grass alongside him, flapping my arms about like a graceless bird.  I had never experienced Calvin in a fit of laughter like that, never experienced him looking and sighing at me like that before, never experienced such an intense, grown up, yet lighthearted moment with my son like that.

Is it possible to fall in love over and over again, and more deeply every time?  This must be one of the greatest perks of motherhood.  I do not mean to burden my audience by being overly sentimental – I am generally not the type – but I guess I have changed.


Approx 20 pounds, 28 inches

Sitting on own, interacting with space, trying to scoot

Babbling and singing and laughing and also able to throw tantrums

Bangs arms to make noise and get attention

Sleeps 12 hours at night, 1-2 during the day

Cries when scared (rarely)

Loves parties, other kids, and wants Rocky and Norman to play with him (they won’t quite yet)