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Three Fall Sessions in Cambridge and Boston, MA

My BFF with her twin-family on the Boston waterfront + local friends and West Cambridge entrepreneurs at their home and Fresh Pond + repeat clients/boy-sibling friends of my guys at Longfellow House

Rebecca Weston | Editorial Portraits for a Creative Business Website

Rebecca is intelligent, creative, warm, thoughtful, and pays close attention to detail.  These attributes make her ideal for the job as an independent editor of middle-grade and young adult novels. 

Calvin’s 4th Birthday!

Video and then the photos from C’s 4th birthday party on the glorious 75 degrees Nov 3rd day!  


Last week, the #metoo social media campaign went viral in response to the accumulating accounts of media mogul Harvey Weinstein taking advantage of women in Hollywood.  When I saw this hashtag in my

Bracciano | Civita di Bacgnoregio | Roma | Italy

This week Dan and I finally journeyed to Italy to visit his sister, Kelsey, and her husband, Fabio.  Fabio is from the scenic castle-by-the-lake town of Bracciano.  Together they opened a beer

Iceland | Our 5 Year Anniversary Mini-Trip

Earlier this month/Summer (been trying to get this post up for awhile – oops!), Dan and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary!  We decided to take a short trip over to Iceland, a place I

Documenting the USES | Photographs for Marketing | South End, Boston

Super excited to post this departure from my normal here on this site – some assignment/documentary work.  I was asked by the United South End Settlements organization to photograph their

A Pastel- Colored Easter on the Reef

This was my first Easter on the Reef.  And boy, was it a crazy, booze filled plastic cups, and pastel colored one!  I documented a few parts of this special holiday weekend, one that is totally

Hello From Florida! George is 3 Months Old

Hello from (sometimes) sunny Florida!  George hit 3 months a few days ago and he is getting to be just huge  (I am estimating around 16/17 lbs)!  Super expressive and sweet – colic-y days are

Calvin Turns 2!

Admission: I cried this morning.  Like weeping, but with lots of tears wetting my whole face, neck and hair.  I just couldn’t believe my little guy was turning two years old. Everyone says it

Photos of George’s Rustic Woodland Nursery

One of the things I love most about our home in Lexington is living next to the woods.  Every morning (or every morning I get up early enough to), I sit with my coffee and stare out at the trees.  In

Welcoming George Clark Sterner!

Well this post is a bit overdue, just like my second son, George was! THE BIRTH After delivering my first son Calvin about a week early, I was surprised as the days kept passing by after 40 weeks

Editorial Assignment for New York Times Sunday Styles Magazine | John Derian, “The Prodigal Son”

A couple months ago, I was contacted by Carter Love, a photo editor at the New York Times Sunday Styles Magazine (now called “T Magazine”).  He asked if I would be interested in an

Pre – Move to the ‘Burbs | A Family Session in the Public Garden and Beacon Hill

Remember this beautiful blonde and blue eyed pair?  Mom contacted me again for a full family session with dad involved as a token to remember some of this family’s last few weeks living

An Atmospheric Cape Cod Lifestyle Family Session |Elizabeth Clark Photography

Suz has been a friend and model for my camera since our high school days at Nobles (and her husband, John, went to our rival high school and was often part of our partying crowd – needless to

A Charming Newborn Family Photography Session at Home in Sudbury, MA

Remember this adorable family from their spring maternity session at the Acton Arboretum?  Well little Gracie now has a baby sister, Taylor (who is a gorgeous newborn!). I got to take the scenic

Preppy Springtime Blues | A Wellesley Family Session at the Longfellow House, Cambridge, MA

Another ideal family session (I know, I know, I am biased).  But take a look below and I am pretty sure you’ll agree. Wellelsey-based (Southern-born) Lindsay was in touch last year regarding my

Emma | Harvard Graduate Editorial Portrait Session

This is one girl with brains and beauty.  Emma just graduated from Harvard after majoring in Chemical and Physical Biology.  She’s already gotten a position at Harvard Graduate School in lab

Children and Baby Fashion | My Shopping “Go-To” Suggestions for Portrait Sessions

I LOVE kids clothing.  Sometimes more so than cutting edge women’s fashion!  There’s just so much pleasure in looking at adorable kids dressed up in a mix of playful, quirky, whimsical,

Photographs and Musings | Documenting Memorial Day Weekend | Rockport and Lexington, MA

It’s been awhile since I have posted photos of my own family (January I think was the last time – wild and awesome how we are definitely WAY done with winter!).  I decided to take this

Fashion Editorial Photographs for Cambridge Local First

I love fashion.  W Magazine with it’s surreal and luscious photographs always inspires me. When I was asked by Cambridge Local First to offer my photographic services for it’s upcoming

Backyard 50th Anniversary Party Photography in Cambridge, MA

It’s getting to be that time of year – wedding season!  What that means is it’s also the time of anniversaries.  I am often asked to photograph anniversary parties.  It is a great

Doug Dubois | Fine Art Friday

© Doug Dubois I was introduced to Doug Dubois’s work while in graduate school.  Professors wanted me to take a look at his project “Family Photos” which document his own family, a

Kristen R – Editorial Tennis Fitness Photographs at the B&T

This is a special photo session for me to share.  It features one smoking hot tennis player – Kristen Raverta – who was our #1 player on the Amherst College tennis team when I was on it

What a Year! 2014 Portrait Collage and Reflection

Wow!  I finally took the time to look through the year of 2014 and how it played out for my photography business (belated, I know… but at least it got done).  And I am thankful I did, because

Red Leaves and Lots of Play | Home Family Session in Sharon, MA

Here is another gem documentary style family session from this fall out in Sharon.  The energy of these three little kids combined with their traditional New England home, bright red fallen leaves,

A Day at Good Harbor Beach | Calvin’s 10 Month Photos

Calvin is 10 months today!  Yesterday we went to Good Harbor Beach, which I definitely think is one of the prettiest beaches in Massachusetts.  We got lucky with the weather too yesterday –

Labor Day Vacation is Here!

Labor Day Weekend is here – and with it is my annual vacation!  The end of summer is always bittersweet, and I try to savor it as much as possible.  I will be back working my tail off for the

Fine Art Friday | William Eggleston

This weeks Fine Art Friday is William Eggleston, one of the first photographers to make color photography considered fine art. He first began photographing in black and white and began to experiment

Willards Woods | Lexington, MA

Location: 56 North St, Lexington, MA 02420 Scenery: Woods, trails, rock walls, open fields Accessibility: Free parking, no public restrooms These

Fine Art Friday | Martin Parr

Martin Parr is a british documentary photographer. He is well recognized for his comedic, lifestyle shots. Parr was born in Epsom, Surrey, UK. He developed his love for photography when he was a

Fine Art Friday | Jerry Eulsman

Hello! Elizabeth’s new intern Christine here, posting this weeks Fine Art Friday featuring the very talented Jerry Uelsman. Uelsmann’s work blends reality with fantasy causing the viewer to

Julia, Actress Headshots at Cambridge Studio

Yep, had yet another beauty come into the studio for some natural headshots.  Julia currently hails from Newton, right around the corner from where I grew up!  She is certainly a chameleon, sweet

Part Three: 39 Weeks Pregnant and Waiting.. A Chronicle of my First Pregnancy

Warning : Some (artistic and tasteful, I think) nudity and honest wording is included in this post.  Oh, and it’s fairly long, so I’ve broken it up into three parts by trimester! Now

Part Two: 39 Weeks Pregnant and Waiting.. A Chronicle of my First Pregnancy

Warning : Some (artistic and tasteful, I think) nudity and honest wording is included in this post.  Oh, and it’s fairly long, so I’ve broken it up into three parts by trimester! Now