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My Favorite Online Frame, Print and Album Vendors

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share just a couple of my favorite online vendors – for, you know, all your lovely digital files! There are so many options on the web these days, but there are

Introducing the Loktah Photo Book | Professional Photography Product Design

I have added another book to my repertoire of offered products!  Introducing the Loktah book.  I made this book for my own personal use – it’s Calvin’s 1st year book.  (Now that I

The Cypress 12×12″ Silk Album | A Family Portrait Handmade Book

I am a lucky photographer in that I have had quite a few clients move ahead with gorgeous Cypress products.  When this last one arrived, I decided it was worth a shoot in my home to showcase what

Custom Fine Photography Albums | Rustic Leather for Road Trip Honeymoon

I have been married now almost 3 years.  But I only just got around to making an album with my honeymoon photos.  Sound like a familiar story?  Well, if you have a disk of your wedding photos or from

Elizabeth Clark Photography New Logo and Branding

I am delighted to announce that my new company logo is live! When I started my company a couple years ago, I knew my self-designed logo would be temporary.  So during my maternity leave, I got to

The New Cypress Album is Here!

The Cypress albums are here! Elizabeth recently received two brand new studio samples from Cypress, a company out in California who makes luxurious hand crafted books and albums. These albums are

Bamboo Mounted Prints – A Modern Rustic Look

Introducing bamboo mounted prints! I am really excited to share this new product that I have recently added to my collection of wall options.  The modern clean lines plus wooden border create a

Beautiful Handcrafted Cypress Photography Album

Woo hoo!  Nothing starts a weekend off on the right foot like receiving a pretty package filled with something special inside.  Today I received my first sample album by Cypress Albums.  When I came

New Branding and Marketing Products Have Arrived!

As some of my fans know, I am almost as passionate about graphic design as I am about photography.  I spent a lot of time designing and developing my own brand identity, including the theme, logo and