Celebrating a Change in Lifestyle | Family Session, Newton, MA

Not all of my photography focuses on beautiful young things.  This session celebrates two 90 year olds and their three adult children and spouses. Camille, Agnes and Fred had just moved Raymond and Celeste into an assisted living facility in Newton, MA.  For two of the siblings, this is especially exciting as they live in neighboring towns, whereas they used to have to travel to New Jersey to see and help out their parents.

It was a really hot day for Spring (see photo of thermometer).  But no matter, mom and dad still ventured out to explore the beautiful grounds and magnolia trees that abut Cabot Park.  The hands-down spotlight of the family always shines on Kayla, the dog, who like all their past generations of family dogs is a rescue.  She owned it!  I also think it incredibly touching that Mom and Dad are still together and kicking after 60+ years together!  Something to aspire to!