Children and Baby Fashion | My Shopping “Go-To” Suggestions for Portrait Sessions

I LOVE kids clothing.  Sometimes more so than cutting edge women’s fashion!  There’s just so much pleasure in looking at adorable kids dressed up in a mix of playful, quirky, whimsical, and classic mini-clothing.  And photo sessions provide the perfect opportunity to spend some time shopping for creative and special outfits for your little ones.

Below is a list of some of my favorite baby and children’s clothing destinations.  Most of these designers aren’t inexpensive.  I know you can find cute frocks at Baby Gap and even Carters, but for photo sessions I think it makes sense to purchase something special.  You’re already making this an investment towards something that will only grow in value over time, so it’s important to keep that attitude towards all aspects of the photo shoot!  That said, try to look for something you can have your children wear at other opportunities – like upcoming parties, or even just out and about.  I think if you buy something nice, make sure you get good use out of it!

Without further ado – my picks:


Fleurisse & Leon

This is where you go if you are looking for something that is worthy of child royalty –  classic, timeless, and fancy number.  Amazing smocked items, sports coats for boys, and party dresses for girls.  If you happen to be in Palm Beach or Manhattan you can visit the Spring Flowers boutique.



Janie and Jack

If you love preppy plaids, seersucker, embroidery, and anything nautical, this is the store for you.  It’s my go-to for Calvin’s special occasions looks (ie. his birthday suits and summer romper – some shots of C are included below).  Great for baby layette options as well.  You can find these stores at many of our local malls.  I always try to focus on their sale section, which generally features clothing that is season appropriate.  PS.  I am OBSESSED with their pixie-cut girl model.  A little Audrey!!! JanieandJackChildrenClothingforPhotoPortraitsPIN




This is for those of you who love bold colors and patterns.  A Finnish staple since 1951, this shop is known more so for its home furnishings and women’s clothing line.  If you want to add some cool patterns to your home and own wardrobe that compliment your child’s wardrobe for a photo session, well then I would be really excited!  FYI, there is a Marimekko shop 4 doors down from my own….




This British staple mixes playful with some more tailored pieces.  Great for super casual, or what I call child “business casual” (academic?) looks.  Fun to pair with parent looks as well.  Click here to see a favorite session I photographed where the mom and daughter were both wearing some colorful blue and yellow Boden numbers…




I think this French childrens shop MASTERS the layered look.  They also crush the runway!  Hues tend to focus on neutrals and toned down colors.  Be prepared to fork out the $$$$$$$$$$$…….





The French version of classic and timeless.  You can’t go wrong picking up a summer dress or boy’s sailor outfit from Jacadi.  They also have some adorable sporty, country-club looks.





So you are drooling, but really don’t want to fork over the crazy amount of cash these shops ask for?  I know the feeling.  Like, why are Calvin’s 14″ corduroy pants the same price as my husbands 31″?  While I don’t know the answer to this question, I do have my ways of dressing Calvin in designer and designer-looking duds for a percentage of the price.


I go to this consignment store in Newton several times a year (preferably during their awesome sales) and bulk up.  I would say Calvin’s wardrobe is 50% from Cherry Picked!  There are quite a few consignment stores out there, but this one is a step above the rest.  It’s clean, and more importantly, the owner “cherry pick”s the clothes.  You can find anything from special occasion looks by Fleurisse & Leon to more casual items from mini-Boden.  Lots of Lilly Pulitzer and cute accessories and toys.  The girls side always has more, but I think the boys side is pretty awesome.  Seriously, check this place out.  I am constantly telling my friends and clients about it.  Here are some shots from their Facebook timeline and Calvin in an adorable romper and bathing suit I picked up there…



Bets are you know of this online marketplace.  If you are willing to spend some time sorting through searches and waiting for pieces to be custom-made, this can be a really option to peruse.  In addition to adorable rompers, smocking items, knits, costumes and accessories, you can find some perfect swaddles for newborns.  I haven’t focused much on little baby ideas here, but that’s because I prefer soft textured blankets for the teeny tiny babes.


Well, that about wraps up this post!  Best wishes for a fun (and probably overwhelming) shopping experience!  If you want any feedback, I love giving my opinions on fashion picks.  That said, it’s usually hard to go wrong though with anything from any of these places… so yah, good luck and happy hunting!