Christine | Artistic Photo Shoot at Rock Meadow, Belmont

These are portraits of my lovely summer intern, Christine.  She has helped me so much this season, and I am only now posting these images we did back together in early June (it’s been a BUSY summer!).

Christine came in for one of her first days of work with no idea that I wanted to go out and explore Rock Meadow in Belmont and use her as a muse.  She had no make up on, her hair was un-brushed, and she hadn’t planned a special outfit.  But I dug how she was sporting combat boots and an olive bomber jacket.  And it helps that she is naturally stunning! (Note to seniors : your don’t need a ton of make up – keep it natural and fresh so your youthful glow will shine through).

I wanted to experiment with a soft yet edgy, editorial look, so these images play with filters more than normal.  I also broke out my Lensbaby which is a plastic lens with bellows, creating the images with warped focus.  Rock Meadow has pretty meadows but also has an abandoned, graffiti-painted shed that was perfect for some more edgy shots to complement Chrisitine’s outfit and cool gaze.  It is a perfect location for clients who want a little bit of prettiness and a little bit of grit!