Cool Kids Creative Shoot at Modern Back Bay Townhouse | Lifestyle Portraits in Boston, MA

Another favorite from the crazy fall season!  It was a freezing day in November, so instead of heading outdoors for this shoot, we decided to stay indoors.  This Back Bay townhouse was a dream home with gorgeous modern decorations and a light-filled top floor playroom/workspace.  I started off trying to capture some more traditional portraits of the three children in the formal living room, but quickly decided to head up the multi-colored staircase to the playroom.  Mom left me alone to interact and follow the children playing on the built-in hammock swing, playing the piano, taking photos (!), reading books, and climbing up onto the roof deck.  I decided to edit this shoot with a bit more film-like settings from VSCO, which I LOVE working with. I think the effect is nostalgic, editorial and creative, and it brings me back in time to the way my photographs looked back in high school and early college (when I was photographing with film in low-light situations).  You might be seeing more of this dramatic look in recent shoots as I am really enjoying this creative editing approach.