Double Lifestyle Family Portrait Session | At Arnold Arboretum and Home in Dorchester, Boston

Very excited to share this double family session – yes, double.  When mom of 3, Lisa, contacted me, she expressed concern over whether a normal session time would be allow for one solid family session.  With three young children, this is not an easy accomplishment – though usually I am fairly confident, and told her so.  Still, she loved the look of both park and home photos, and asked if I would consider doing two sessions back to back.  Why, of course!

So this session is really two – one at the beautiful Arnold Arboretum, and one a few miles down the road at the family’s equally beautiful Victorian in Dorchester.   I had a blast during this session, running around after the children and capturing them playing and also coralling the group for some family portraits.  We played “red light green light” (a go-to of mine), sang songs, and explored at the park.  Back at home there were snacks, books, and of course, a dance party.

I think this session is a good example of how a family session can provide strong images no matter the backdrop.  Parks generally provide a more scenic, traditional in the sense of what I think of when I think of family portraits, backdrop, whereas the home photos allow for more personal, quirky and unique documentation – the human habitat.