A Pastel- Colored Easter on the Reef

This was my first Easter on the Reef.  And boy, was it a crazy, booze filled plastic cups, and pastel colored one!  I documented a few parts of this special holiday weekend, one that is totally jam-packed at this country club/resort/oasis of a place.

These photos start off with the golf-cart decorating contest.  This is quite an awesome/loony tradition here at Ocean Reef.  My neighbors, who hail from Tennessee and definitely enjoy their Chardonnay at 10 am, had their kids “trash their rental home” in order to transform their cart into a turquoise and pink cardboard covered ice cream truck, paying homage to “Reef Treats”, the local ice cream/candy shop. As you can see from my photos, they aren’t the only ones who take this contest seriously.  I especially loved the NRA (National Rabbit Association) cart.  There are also a few shots that show the typical pool-side scene here (and bar scene).  Lots of bunny ears.  Still making appearances today…  (fyi, attempting a “street” photography approach to these images worked somewhat… my large digital medium format Pentax more of a conversation starter than a sneaky camera not being of much help, but thankfully a ton of people were toting large cameras this weekend so I didn’t stand out too much!).

PINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINHere is the Easter morning service – held outdoors with a brass orchestra..PIN

Here are more endearing photos of my family partaking in the egg hunt.  Which is also INSANE!  Talk about eggs looking like they rained from the heavens above.  We were in the 0-3 age section and I am not sure whether the parents or children were chomping at the bit behind the tape more.

Calvin LOVED this.  It was pretty fun to watch.  George thankfully slept during this event, which allowed me to snap some action shots.  I look forward to more of these down the road…


I close this post with some family portraits that I attempted with the tripod and self-timer, running back and forth.  Not too bad, all things considered.  The photo of Calvin running into the frame, realizing the beeping was speeding up, is my favorite.

Happy Easter!