Emma and Family Session, Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge

The location of this photo shoot might shock some viewers.  Yes, the setting is a cemetery.  No, this shoot was not intended to be macabre.  In fact, it was quite the opposite – celebrating life and beauty and youth!

If you have ever stepped foot in Cambridge’s Mt. Auburn Cemetery, you no doubt know it is a masterpiece of a park and that it holds historical significance. For parents Jamie and Greg, it was a no-brainer to have their daughter Emma photographed in this environment that they enjoy visiting.

We met at the front gate and started to explore the plethora of roads and paths on a sun-dappled evening.  I quickly learned that wide-eyed Emma really enjoys to run (as does mom who has been training for a half-marathon!).  I certainly got my work out running along side her as she weaved down the roads and played catch-me-if-you-can with her parents.  She also loves her books and stuffed bunny, Pierre.  When I found a pretty vista (which there are so many!), we would settle down for a few group shots, and broke out Em’s favorite books.  I think this animated little girl had some fun, and she certainly lit up the photos with her (slightly mischievous) energy.

ps.  Note the wardrobe of this family… really cute mix of bright colors and patterns, right??  Might be going up on my Pinterest Board ; )