Family of Chelmsford Greek Goddesses : An Unbeatable Father’s Day Gift

Could a Dad be as lucky as this one?  Look at the group of beauties that make up his family!  The eldest daughter, Voula, contacted me a little while ago to set up a father’s day shoot at their home in Chelmsford.  Though rain was on the horizon, we were able to take some amazing portraits before the first drops fell.  My job was made pretty easy, with a lush yard and handsome looking group dressed to the nines (another group is getting featured on my Pinterest styling tips page…).  I love their combination of blues and yellows put to use through well-fitting garments and fashionable accessories.  I’m also extremely jealous of all their gorgeous heads of hair – it is just not fair how every Greek I know is blessed in that category (my future sister-in-law fits in this category as well).

I hope this father’s day gift turns out to be a hit with Dad (who was the most reluctant to be photographed of course).  I know I got at least a couple genuine smiles from him : )  In addition to celebrating being a dad, he was also celebrating a growing family – his second daughter is currently engaged to a dashing young man!