Family Portrait Photography at Menotomy Rocks Park in Arlington, MA

I am in love with this sibling portrait session from the other weekend.   They were taken at Menotomy Rocks Park, a small, quiet oasis in Arlington. When we got there I was immediately drawn to the graffiti splashed rocks.  The splattered paint reminded me of modern art, a perfect backdrop for this group of young adults who were a combination of cool, edgy, spunky, serious and outrageous – not to mention a good looking bunch.  They made it a point to include pet chihuahua, Jenkins, who also had a big personality and was determined to be the leader of the pack (obviously, as an obsessed dog mom of two boy Yorkies, I fell quickly in love with this little guy).  The park also has a pretty pond that we ventured over to after the rocks.  You might notice it was a bit of a dreary day, but I found that the loved the cool palette and glowing skin.  I think of one of my favorite contemporary photographers, Lydia Panas, and her series on young adults in PA.  Except this is very, very New England – though it feels like New Hampshire lakeside more so than only 20 minutes outside Boston.  Which, leads me back to the point – I love these photos.  I think they rock (pun, now that I caught it, intended).

One more note :  these portraits are going to be a Christmas gift for their dad – so if by chance you know this family, shhhhhhh!  It is supposed to be a surprise!