Family Portrait Session at Anheuser-Busch Stables in Merrimack, New Hampshire

The adorable Thompson family hails from Nashua, New Hampshire.  I met the Jacqueline, the gorgeous mother, at Kristen’s bridal shower this summer, and thankfully she kept me in mind for her family portraiture this year!   We decided to have the photography session at Anheuser-Busch’s picturesque stables.  The idyllic grounds look like a set plucked from The Sound of Music, with clustered cottages and red doors providing a perfect backdrop for holiday photos.  The boys had barrels of energy, climbing trees and running laps around the courtyard.  Even mom and dad got active, participating in group jumps as well as breaking their backs as they tossed the boys in the air.  They have a lot to be excited about – as you will find out from the photos below, this family is about to grow from four to five!  The baby is expected in early January, so keep an eye out for newborn photographs posted here! 🙂