Fine Art Friday | Lydia Panas

Today’s Fine Art Friday is Lydia Panas!

Panas was born in Philadelphia and completed a BA in Psychology at Boston College. She then went on to receive her BFA in Photography at the School of Visual Arts. She now teaches at the Baum School of Art/Lehigh Carbon Community College in Allentown PA. She is also an artist teacher for the Vermont College of Fine Arts.

Panas shoots primarily portrait shots. Her photographs capture people in a serious state. In almost every picture it seems as though the subject has a secret or a problem they are dealing with. She is able to capture a thick mood in every photograph.


She describes her work in an interesting way here:


“In my “Falling From Grace…” series for instance, I found myself clicking the shutter when the model had a kind of neutral expression, which makes the encounter with the audience unclear.  I feel compelled to create this sort of sense in my portraits.  The subject of the photograph is both strongly present, and in a way, not present at all.  It recreates what it feels like to be in the presence of someone with whom you are unsure how they will react to you.  The encounter is unsettling and mysterious and leaves the viewer somewhat uncomfortable.
My portraits describe things which seem to be universal. I try to understand and describe the deep-seated things we feel that are not so easy to access. People often tell me they can’t explain it, but they can connect to it.”
If you’re interested in viewing more of her work click the following link below: