Fine Art Friday | Sarah Moon

Sarah Moon’s photography is most recognized for its soft, and romantic qualities. She began her career as a fashion and commercial photographer back in 1968. 

Moon has…a signature style that dispenses with the erotically suggestive poses favored by many of her male counterparts in favor of the emblems of luxury and nostalgia. In the fashion work, her models are studious and disengaged, often turned away or intentionally blurred, themselves transformed to a compositional element. Mystery and sensuality are at the core of Moon’s work, whether she’s photographing haute couture, still life, or portraiture. Sarah Moon is based in Paris. ” (Creative Exchange Agency) 

Moon likes to take the viewer to another realm of reality when they are looking at her photos. Almost as if we are looking into a mirror and seeing the subjects reflection.

After viewing and researching Sarah Moon’s photographs Elizabeth was inspired to do a photo shoot with me in light of Moon’s dreamlike photographs.  She used her Lensbaby, a plastic lens with bellows, which allows for some of the softer and distorted imagery.  To truly get Moon’s effect though one needs to take advantage of a 4×5 camera, multiple exposures, and alternative photography methods!tumblr_ktgfx8nF9L1qzhl9ePINBelmontMARockMeadowSeniorPortrait_ElizabethClark_0005PINPINBelmontMARockMeadowSeniorPortrait_ElizabethClark_0006PIN