Fine Art Friday | Thekla Ehling

This week’s Fine Art Friday is dedicated to Thekla Ehling and more specifically her collection Vergiszmein nicht, meaning- “forget me not”. Elizabeth loaned me this hand-sized book from her collection at the studio.  She writes’ “I came across Thekla’s work while visiting Robert Morat’s gallery in Berlin. I was immediately drawn to the use of color and movement in her portraits. They are poetic and visually delicious.  Something about them makes me want to be in Thekla’s shoes, observing the same subjects and intimate landscapes.”

Ehling is a German portrait photographer. Her photographs are both elegant yet vulnerable. She captures each subject doing something simple yet seeming to portray meaning at every angle. Many of Ehling’s portraits were paired with nature shots, to balance similarities between the two photographs. This collection comes in a small bound book enclosed inside a brown package with a small red band to hold it all together.

If you happen to be interested in viewing more of her photos I suggest visiting this website:

© (c) Thekla EhlingPIN© (c) Thekla EhlingPIN© (c) Thekla EhlingPIN© (c) Thekla EhlingPIN

Bio: “Thekla Ehling…lives and works in Köln, Germany. She studied from 1990 until 1996 at the FH in Dortmund…She contributed for the project Hotel Futura, organized by Galerie in der Brotfabriek (Berlin) and held at the Salon Futura at the Biennale in Rotterdam. Beside the solo exhibition nah-stehend in theKleine Humboldtgalerie … Thekla Ehling has held several exhibitions in Galleries in different German cities. Since 2006 she is a member of the Agency Focus in Hamburg. In 2007 together with the artist Nicola Schudy and the photographer Sandra Stein she set up the projektraum weiss in Köln. Moreover she presented this project at Les Rencontres d’Arles…Recently her first book Sommerherz was published by the publisher and an exhibition was held, showing pictures from her book in the Robert Morat Gallery in Hamburg.”

(Foam Photographers)