Fine Art Fridays | Hermes Catalog Spring 2014 | Zoe Ghertner


I received a lovely piece of mail the other week, and based off the envelope anticipated a very elaborate wedding invitation.  Instead, it turned out to be a fashion catalog.  But not your typical catalog that you immediately throw in the recycling bin… nope, this was a gold imprinted Hermes booklet.

I loved it.  Not the clothes they are trying to sell exactly (well, it’s hard not to love their bags and accessories), but the layout and imagery.  Ah, fashion photography.  It can be so good!  This is an example of one of those situations. PINPINNotice the full bleed close up of flowers and harsh crop of the girl wearing the flower printed dress (and my little still life addition of dandelion : )).  This brings up layout.  As you may know, book design is one of my favorite things to work on.  I have already been making books and albums with similar layouts (see below), but I hope to use this as even further inspiration to pump up the poetic flow of my future layouts.PINPerhaps a next step would be to include some text – a favorite book passage, childhood story, or poem lines scattered throughout.

Finally, the imagery is just gorgeous (LA based fashion photographer, Zoe Ghertner). I admire a photographer who can incorporate different styles into one cohesive piece.  To me it looks like this photographer may have used both a large or medium format camera for the some shots (ie. model sitting in greenhouse, close up of plants, close up black and white portrait) and  35mm for quicker action shots (cropped body black and white outdoors, black and white of model walking on stone path from above).  They really could all be a medium format with different editing tools… regardless of technique, I like it.


Info regarding the catalog:


Also, here is a somewhat odd video created on this catalog – I was amused, but the experience of looking at the actual book is so much better than the video: