George is 4 Months Old!

My Georgie is filling out and becoming more beloved by the day.  Is this possible?  Yes, very much so.  George is getting chubbier, stronger, more wide-eyed and curious.  He is making louder noises including coos, giggles, shrieks, whines, and, what I call “questions”.  He truly gets a rise out of Calvin, although he cries at loud noises (especially screams of “touchdown!”s like last night during the Superbowl).  Despite another snow storm, today we trekked out for not only his monthly check up at the doctors (still topping the size charts), but also his introduction at Bright Horizons where Calvin attends.  He (and Calvin) seemed to thoroughly enjoy this.  G’s teacher was also shocked by how much George ate.. solids included (see photo below). George is also almost sleeping through the night… so close, yet can’t seem to do it consistently yet.  Working on that..

I took these photos yesterday on his 4 month birthday, not realizing that I actually had Calvin in the same outfit for his 4 month photos two years ago (although most of Calvin’s were naked – I’ll have to do that next time for George!).  Everyone says they don’t look much alike… but I think they look so much like brothers.   For comparisons sake, here is the link to Calvin’s 4 month shoot.