George is 5 Months! Bath-time Session

George turned 5 months a few days ago!  He is finally ALMOST sleeping the night (occasionally wakes up to cry for a few minutes before putting himself back to sleep).  Most of the time he is a happy baby – lots of smiles!  He is very expressive in other ways too – a loud baby.  Talking, singing, grunting, cooing..  Big eater too, eating solids 3 times a day!  George moves a lot, rolling over and reaching (even lurching) for toys out of grasp.  The cutest thing ever is when he giggles at Calvin playing with him.  Calvin is still obsessive/possessive, but deeply loves HIS “Baby George!”.

For this photo shoot I wanted to mimic Calvin’s 5 month shoot.  Of course, Calvin didn’t let George have a lot of time on his own, so the photos for the most part are of the two of them taking the bath together (and also, a pretty extensive series of just Calvin getting his hair washed… he’s a lens hog).  Also, mommy is a bit lazier this go, managing not to clean George’s face enough post-meal (but that’s what the bath is for!).

Let’s get clean!