George is 7 months (and Calvin 2 1/2)! A Playroom Photo Session

I can’t believe it but George is already 7 months!  Pretty sure I say this a lot, but time really picks up (e.g. my 15 year high school reunion is next week… ahhhh).

It’s been a legitimately crappy spring here in Massachusetts – rainy and cold the past 12 and counting days?  Something like that.  Which means we have been spending a lot of time indoors, up in the playroom.  I decided this would make a fitting scene to capture both George and Calvin playing together and on their own.  As you can see, Calvin is pretty rambunctious, but George is working hard to catch up with his big brother.  He started sitting well a few weeks ago and has quickly moved on to preferring to stand (leaning on support, not cruising yet) or attempting to crawl.  While he (thankfully) can’t yet (it’ll be soon), he is able to do planks better than his mom and often pushes backwards and ends up frustrated!  Like his brother was, George is a big toddler – husky though not nearly as chubby as C was.  He is super vocal too – I wish I took some video to capture just how loud he is most of the time.  Grunting and growling and babbling and screaming and cooing.

Calvin on the other hand, is becoming quite the two year old.  Lot’s of “NOOO- OOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!”s and thrashing about.  I say that, but then today he was as sweet as pie.  A 2-year old teenager (they say the two stages are quite similar).  Some of his latest obsessions include race cars, monsters, and dinosaurs (mostly because of “Cars”, “Monsters, Inc” and “The Good Dinosaur” – we’re now starting to cut back on the TV…).  And “baby baluga’s”.

Calvin and George are both pretty obsessed with the other (they don’t want to be out of eachother’s sight), though they aren’t really quite sure how to always express it.  Lately, Calvin has been playing “monster” with George – sneaking up on him and making “roarrr/ahhhhh” noises and then taking bite/kisses of his face.  George actually finds this amusing and giggles.  I tried to capture some of the action with a long exposure to show Calvin running circles around George and then falling nearby.  Another image shows him actually toppling over George.  Sometimes G cries, but usually not out of pain but rather as plea for my attention.  They are also starting to fight over toys…  But, those moments where they laugh (and almost snuggle) together are making this whole brother thing pretty adorable.  It’s also the cutest thing when Calvin mimics George’s babbling – “doo doo dada” says Calvin with a big smile and giggle.

That’s about it.  Hopefully next month’s photos in June will actually be outdoors!!