George is 8 Months Old!

Our little man is not so little these days! George continues to put on some adorable chub.  He is also a drooly mess.  Seems like he is about to add some teeth to his existing two.  Which is a good thing, because George loves his food!  He is able to eat pretty much everything these days, and enjoys doing so (today it was berries and a turkey sandwich for lunch).

He also wants to be able to get up and run around with Calvin.  He still isn’t crawling – more rolling – occasionally able to sit up from lying down – pulls up – and prefers to be standing while leaning onto counters.  He is also taking baby steps when held up in our hands.  Maybe he will walk before he crawls!  Still a noisy boy constantly babbling or grunting or giggling.  Wants constant attention, preferably from his mom or Calvin…

Also, his eyes are still blue and change a bit green or grey depending on the surroundings.  I have a feeling he has Grandma Sterner’s beautiful blues.. : )