George is 9 Months Old | In the Garden with Calvin

SO late with this post but better than never.  I wanted to do G’s 9 month photos in Bermuda, but he got a TERRIBLE stomach bug, vomiting with a high fever (including a photo of him sucking thumb with baby penguin who was a savior to him during this time of despair).  Not ideal for photos.  So, a few days later back in Rockport I broke out the camera one morning when light was good.  G still not in great mood, but I wanted to capture him exploring.  He is now easily pulling himself up and cruising on occasion.  He really wants to walk, and does well with assistance.  I am pretty sure this guy will be doing it on his own well before the 1 year milestone.  He’s very motivated with big brother Calvin zooming by and teasing him.

These two are playing a lot more these days which makes my heart swell, albeit it’s a lot of rough housing.  I imagine this will only intensify, but I have to remind myself they are boys and this is how a lot are.  George is also a monster eater.  He enjoys trying new tastes and textures and out eats Calvin by a lot nowadays (although C ate a ton at this age too).  George is also going through phases of being clingy to me, although the past week that has seemed to diminish a bit with him wanting to hang more with the boys.

And the beach.  He loves it! (along with the sand).  Literally beelines crawling for the water.  I think I will do a beach shoot for the 10 month mark.  Maybe even hire a fam photog?  We will see..