George’s 1 Month Photos

I can’t believe it has already been a month (and a few days – always behind schedule these days!). Anyway, it has been a blur, as expected, but this little guy is growing quickly just like his brother.  Already almost 12 lbs and is 97% in height.  Seems to have his nights and days figured out too on most (but not all) days, with anywhere from 2-6 hour sleeping spreads.  Loves to be held and cuddled but is suddenly spending more alert time quietly on his own.

I took this little photo shoot of him between my bent legs, a position he and I enjoy.  When he is fussy I place him there, hold his little hands which clasp mine, and rock or bounce him back and forth.

Special thanks to my Aunt Allison for the Curious George stuffed animal, and now prop/marker for the month-by-month comparison photos!George1monthportraitphotosPIN