George’s 2 Month Photos

A few days late again (but better than never), here I am posting photos that document George at 2 months old.  As ever, time continues to fly by.  Christmas decorations are up in our home so I figured why not take advantage and do a holiday session for this month?  (and yes, my holiday card photos may be somewhat similar to these – and yes, I may have photographed those right before these.. and yes, I will probably post those too, so my apologies in advance for the over population of photos like these on my blog!).

Anyway, George has recently turned a big corner and is suddenly a pretty happy little fella!  He smiles A LOT (although I wasn’t able to capture one of those half-face smiles where his mouth is a literal “D” rotated 90 degrees.. will try to get one of those next time).  Most people notice he looks concerned most of the time – that’s because he has fairly tight-knit (and very expressive) eye-brows.  He is very focused, but also more animated than I remember Calvin being, making lots of coos and moving his arms about with his hands curled in miniature boxer-like fists.  Today he went to the pediatrician for his 2 month check up and it turns out he is a monster, his height off the charts and weight at 95% (Calvin was the reverse of this – a big chunker). He is not sleeping through the night yet – mostly wakes about 2-3 times a night still but not needing to eat.  Working on that… hope that by the real holidays and our travels he’s a bit closer if not at a full nights sleep.

Anyway, happy 2 monther to George (and happy 33rd year to myself tomorrow… ;)).