Gloucester Good Harbor Beach | Glowing Golden Hour Family Portraits (and a scary storm…)

There is something magical about golden hour on the beach.  Especially when a scary storm approaches.  Light is just… amazing.  So is the energy.   People get a little hyped.

So all these ingredients plus a hands-down gorgeous family add up to a pretty awesome photo session.  Oh, and how could I forget, a pair of brother-sister twins!

Mom and Dad have spent most of their years together in the Bay area, but are temporarily living in Boston for career reasons.  They love the beaches out West, and want to have their children share that joy.  So it seemed fitting to Mom to take advantage of my summer beach sessions, and they decided to make a weekend trip of it, booking a room at the Atlantis and enjoying a beach-filled weekend, photo shoot and all.

And then came the storm.  I included some photos at the end.  I had to keep this session moving along, because I was a little freaked out I would be doused, and my camera and all photos on memory card with it lost.  At the beginning of the session there was really only faint indication that the storm was approaching (some purple/gray clouds in distance)… but those turned darker, and darker, and eventually, black… and there was lots of lightening.  All very exciting.  But we got it all in – pretty much 5 min before the skies opened.